The Serendipity Selection

by Cameron Roxburgh

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"Roxburgh shatters all notions of doubt in my mind. This is a well-rounded EP that illustrates a young musician with old-time craftsmanship" - Podcart.


released November 8, 2014

This EP goes out to:

My Family;
The people at 1 Burnbank;
Jamie Flynn;
Callum Cronin;
Pulse 98.4fm;
Poppy Smith;
The Tolbooth;
Randolph's Leap;
Nathan Corry & Tia Jaconelli;
Everybody that gave a damn and bought the last ep x

Recorded at Glistening Studios



all rights reserved


Cameron Roxburgh Scotland, UK

Carrying around a maturity and brave sense of experimentalism some artists twice his age lack, Cameron and long-term collaborator Callum set their roots acoustic songwriting against off-beat lyrics, unusual song structures and brash angular guitar work.
Cameron is out to make a personal connection with the listener, and to hone a sound that stands apart from the traditional singer-songwriter model
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Track Name: Horizontal
If I thought I could’ve landed then I would’ve jumped.
If you thought, you were good at singing, then you would of sung.
But we both tried to figure out where we went wrong.
But we failed so miserably so I put it in stupid a song.

Ohh woah oh

You're so leaned back you're horizontal

You're not even 23
Why would you spend your time on me?
You cannot see through your lies due to your disguise it covers you up
It’s too large.
I can't see my face no more.
Truth be told I never thought I'd spend money that I don't even have.
But you're too cool for your friends so you distance yourself from them again!
But you don’t care
And neither do I
I said you’re so loud you’d wake the dead, and the sleep deprived.
And I don't know if I'm going for a shit or a haircut
But we got lost so we'll find out way home until the sun comes up

And if you don't ask then you don't get you're feelings hurt
Like a disembodied ghost
You compare you fastidiousness to those
Of everybody else
And even through you did try
You feel like a tawdry piece of jewelry
in which I cannot satisfy in which I cannot satisfy 

You’re so god damn leaned back you’re horizontal.
Track Name: End of Party
The end of party conversation shut us down and put us to sleep.

You're always more comfortable than me. No matter where we sit, lay, eat, sleep.

I wanna make you so happy to the point when you're lying in your bed, yet again comfortable, not knowing this feeling was possible

Not saying anything, no nothing

No not a word


It'll ruin it

It's delicate

Our skin touched different covers same bed I'm saying nothing
Track Name: Brittle/Gentle
Your hand covers your face.
Why am I not surprised?
It's only to protect your brittle/gentle eyes.
And like our hands they could of been should of been intertwined.
Like we're dancing the waltz at a New Years party.
But with a new year comes no money to spend at library's or on early birthdays.

So give me a moment to untangle myself from the strings that the puppeteer has.
And let me look at the landscapes and focus on the fiction and the facts.
And the pronunciation of words I once heard you say as well as myself. Now I've untangled the strings that the puppeteer once had.

Do you believe in revolution?
Then what do you believe in?
Or good communication?
Or do you believe in fame?
And fortune?
There's always a worst case scenario for every scenario, woah! And I don't think that you're the kind who likes rock n' roll, woah!
And I wouldn't think you'd like to slow dance on broken glass.
As you'd rather cover up your brittle/gentle eyes.

So give me a moment, to untangle myself again from the strings that the puppeteer has.
And let me look at the landscapes and focus on the fiction and the facts.
And the pronunciation of words that you shouldn't of said, and words I shouldn't of said, too.
now i’ve untaged myself again from the strings that the puppeteer had.

I am my own puppeteer